Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SUMMER. coming soon
Summer time........... this happens to me every year im amped for hotter weather, longer days, the night life, and getting away with boardies, but then when it arrives I find its quite narly, with huge crowds on the beach, people fighting over 1ft waves, those car guys who drive threw the car parks with there done up cars and leave staight away with out getting out of the car, outter towners using the ocean as a bath with soap/shampoo in there white undies, Blue bottles, jelly fish, and basin point! I think its just sydney?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

....................................................................................DUST STORM

Dust storms are kinda creepy, odd, wierd, fruity, and obscene they just generally come across quite rude. Every thing is dirty, I hardly ever really clean the car and still wont but it will just look even more gross now and bring even worse features to my car which kinda already looks like a go cart or even a giant sized shopping trolley with a machine inside it. Im also dredding turning on the air con, last time I ventured that way leaves spat out at the passenger pretty funny cus now it will probly equal a dust cloud to the face AHAHAHAHAHA. Hope YOU enjoy these pictures. Good day to you. Yew.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Ventured down to Melbourne on the weekend was quite impressed with vibe down there just because it was almost the complete opposite to the northern beaches, no super snobs, everyone didn't no everyone, polite road rage, not everyone surfs or does something to do with "extreme sports", the only thing that was kinda funny was there AFL froth, "you watching the game tonight?"ahahaha........There is so many different clubs, pubs, eat outs and cafes in like a 20 minute radius its not funny, after 4pm on weekends you pay 3 or 4 bucks for pretty much unlimited buses and trams which last till 3 am in the morning. Everyone was super friendly and relaxed which I really enjoyed the most.................the shots I took on land where literally just around the block from my brothers unit, wish i got into the city, that place looked like every art fags kids dream for photos maybe next time tho.