Thursday, April 30, 2009

wharf object

" V "stand up booger comp
light post
early morning.


mabe john/ dave?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


mabe at mona?

tip not 2s? ahahaha
The Vale?
northy had a couple.
close outs!
clean lines.

This swell was perfect except you couldn't get good waves in Sydney seems sorta weird but its true, this swell was pretty much what you ask for 4-6ft clean ground swell Westley winds all day swell staying the same size all day. Id have to say my favourite picture would have to be the first picture just because it explains everything about this particular day. Good swell, phone calls trying to find that spot that wasn't really happening, kids making bold statements like "wow that wave was double over head I'm out there" check the second pic its a close out! then you would get the majority of people looking around negging out like a couple of dudes in that pic.
what a day.

Monday, April 20, 2009


All -Ewan Donnachie.

It Can eat You.

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Got Ate.

Deadmans is one of the best Practicing grounds for big wave riders on the northern beaches, with likes of David Winhester, Player Bros, Brendon Newton Troy hanapen,Chris James and Tom carrol growing up on the place its pretty impressive to see new generation Kids who have grown up on this wave and now have experienced bigger waves like shippes and now tear this place apart. Ewan was showing off his new developed ship stern skills with deep early take offs, clean lines and bottom turns with ease which is usually super difficult for this place its so shifty and a late take off is usually a certainty for most. I was frothing, it was pretty epic to see!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thomas Ditchfield

Rookie getting Lucky.


Thomas Dirtfield.

Above is some recent photos just around home I could even say my backyard ahahah nar just Current and fresh im talking first 3 imagers are less than 12 hrs Old!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Maxi has been shredding of late he is over in WA right now and has been reportedly loving it, he also recently signed with a new board company No6 based in HAWAII and is launching his very own board model which is coming out soon. check in with this to follow his shred flow and more! .

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Injuries and addiction
With Peaky shories at Feral Town (worriewood)

I'm not going to lie Ive had my fair share of injuries, close to having two years out of the water out of my 6 yrs doing my bodyboading seriously. I'm sure I'm like many tho when it comes to you being unable to get out there in the ocean, where you want to double check that the surf is really bad so you drive around and check places just to feel good about yourself and then more than likely you will check it and it always looks that much better than it really is just because you cant venture out there, its almost like your getting a double burnage, I'm not sure why I always seem to do it to myself, I think tho taking Photos is the next best thing to being in the line up and you can put smiles and froth on mates faces and you might even get lucky and score some doe for you troubles. Any who even these pics I'm always analysing the wave imagining being out there for example check that second picture and I'm thinking if I was on that one I would have taken off on the start of the peak a little deeper and tried something as I was existing the tube perhaps a flip or tight spin?, sounds sorta Lame but Ive gotta Imagine something while I'm out. I blame addiction and to much time on my hands by not having a full time job.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Batterbee. Below.

Below Chris James.

Fickle waves are the worst kind in my opinion. Its just the fact that one day it will be pumping, then you can have the same conditions a week later and the place is a massive skunks city. It certianly can do you head in but the day you dont check it the day it pumps. Fickle places can also be pretty funny I guess the wave is actually a pure left and I think the best shot is chris on the right!ahaha now I think about it I have shot this wave 2 days in a week pretty unheard of. AHAHAH SYNDNEY.