Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This particular day feels like it was yesturday but it was actually 2 years ago, it was the first real time I had a blast taking shots, the waves where only 2-3ft but it seemed like such a fun session, it was just me and Luke Shearer sharing his set up.

Luke got a couple.

why it seemed so fun.

So far ive learnt that some people are against cameras being in the line up at some places which is fair enough, it is true when one camera comes out a hole bus load of dudes will come out and taking shots exposes breaks, espically with a water housing ,the guys who want to get the shots for there sponsors will snake the hell outta you and generally come across as tools, some big wigs are cool about the hole thing tho i guess it depends on how sero they are.

Anyways this session was just about an epic time no one around, fun tubes n bowls and me frothing on lukes housing set up, I spose thats the best thing about taking pics at beaches too the next day the bank could be gone, wave size and winds might have changed, so I gues its sorta sick in a way when people see whats gone down and get mega skunked the next day, But then on the other hand if you miss out on your local your pissed! so im not sure what to think.In the end I gues if your having fun doing what your doing do it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


some emptys with no one around ............mabe there was a reason for that?

This left above we found was generally an all round hectic place, on the way to the wave there was people bathing nude in some dusty river run off next to that there was a dead dog with its brains out, on the paddle out we saw that there was a narly current but there was alot of good emptys. One wave I rember spat in all our faces we through down alot of "BODYBOARDING" screems, then out of the blue me and rob suddenly got caught on the inside on a bomb, it pushed us all the way back to the beach, the wave was super heavy, I Check robs arm, rob got 13 stitchers and a really bad case of bali belly 3 hospital visits which was meant to be 4 he didnt want to go for the 4th visit so he got tim to take the stitches out, tim missed 1 stitch which was pulled out 6 weeks later, ohh and he was also stuck on anitpiotics for 17 days......... but luckly rob didnt get negz and still had an epic trip!

We found the left.
After watching endless summer 1 and 2 today, looking back on shots like this in indo with just you and your mates you sorta wish you werent stuck in syndey with about 40 people in the line all fighting over a 2 ft crumbling ripbowl.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Tim Boham- droping into a keg

dropping a shadow?