Friday, October 9, 2009

. . . . . K-BOMB




brendos board inside the tube.

So yesterday morning we headed down south to find some fun weji beaches, gave brendo a line after getting some waves he had said he was gonna get waves at ....., I had never checked this wave, the fellas said it was entertaining even if it was raining, so we checked it watched it, got some really rude pictures, the pic above of brendos board is quite narly cus he actually took his leash off so he could get under that one so he lost his board and got pretty beat....... so after taking a couple pics we called it a day and then off I went to work sliced some devon.........Ive got a couple better ones these where kinda some of the scraps which are still kinda fun anyways. Hopefully I can get some run in a zine, it ll be tough tho, there were 4 other photogs but hey it was still pretty sweet and fun. YYEEWW

Thursday, October 1, 2009

----Minolta HI- MATIC 7s
35mm film, 45mm 1.8f closet find. Epic!

Pizza Box Delivery

Pike & Harrison have been hard at work to get there new label "the MUP" up and running theres defently some pretty cool cotton being designed, check em out on ETSY or have a steez at there BLOG !