Sunday, September 25, 2011

World Class Glass

This Day was by far the best the day I have ever shot photos, this day got a tracks cover of Byron Bartlett shot by Troy Simpson also Big wave charger Dean Bown was amongst it, one day my shots will be shown from this day just not today.


Laterly it has been very busy with lots of working, study and waves and I have also been working on a blog with good pal JP if your interested. Its basically what we do, but at the same time its showing snippets of what we have been working on this year for our little vid..........These pool shots where from a purst of amp I had to shoot in the good light of a late afternoon spring.

Moto Etch

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the redbull xfighters while they where in syndey. My cusin josh hooked me up with a ticket. It was pretty crazy to watch, guys doing double back flips people not landing tricks from 30ft up and getting owned it made me realise how good the ocean is to try tricks.


Each week at tafe we have a theme to follow, this week was a summer theme we have used alot film this year, this is a 5x4 "colour tranny" sinar cameras are the go there really cool I love working with. them. Scanned with stenchy scanner.