Thursday, October 14, 2010

So me and a mate Dan Webster have always talked about doing a trip and it always seemed that we have work or don't have the coin, this time tho was different, he had coin I had coin and I was due for a break so we both agreed to book, Webster had mentioned some local kids from curly/ DeeWhy who where foaming on the idea I didn't no who they where and they didn't know who I was so I meet them at the airport and they seemed pretty cool, Kieran and Kent there names was, there vocab was pretty all time, sickening, disgusting, wrong, dispicable, and dumbass were a few terms they would use which actually converted to" wow that was really good" , so if you would see a good wave Kent and kieran would be extremely disgusted by the hole scene it was kinda classic. So this trip had its pros and cons which is always the case on any trip.
+The pros
- Pumping uncrowded waves for 12 days
- 3 Swells around 4m at 15 seconds
- 20 bucks a night for accom
- Best fish boiger just down the road
- High tides
- The fellas not negging
- Wednesday and Friday nights mix it with the tourists
- Watching jumbos come in and out
- Friendly locals
- Peroxide to clean the cuts
- Midday naps
- Watching backyards
- Dim Sum coconut rolls
- Instant picture uploads and DVD watch on laptop
- Peanut butter/ tomatoe sauce sanbo combos
- Ipod breakfast sessions watching sick waves.
+The cons
- Razor Sharpe reef
- Low tides
- Putting peroxide in your cuts
- The fart noises the fan made all night
- The cockroaches in the shower
- The ant invasion in all our food
- Flooded go pro
- If you don't stick the trick you will get stuck on the reef
- Roasters wake up calls
- $2.40 a liter for petrol
- Intense sunshine
- No TV
- One radio station that only works on one side of the island.
The bottom line is
It was disgustingly dumbass!
credits for a couple wave riding pics- kieran and webster

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ben player NMD add le boogie