Thursday, April 9, 2009

Injuries and addiction
With Peaky shories at Feral Town (worriewood)

I'm not going to lie Ive had my fair share of injuries, close to having two years out of the water out of my 6 yrs doing my bodyboading seriously. I'm sure I'm like many tho when it comes to you being unable to get out there in the ocean, where you want to double check that the surf is really bad so you drive around and check places just to feel good about yourself and then more than likely you will check it and it always looks that much better than it really is just because you cant venture out there, its almost like your getting a double burnage, I'm not sure why I always seem to do it to myself, I think tho taking Photos is the next best thing to being in the line up and you can put smiles and froth on mates faces and you might even get lucky and score some doe for you troubles. Any who even these pics I'm always analysing the wave imagining being out there for example check that second picture and I'm thinking if I was on that one I would have taken off on the start of the peak a little deeper and tried something as I was existing the tube perhaps a flip or tight spin?, sounds sorta Lame but Ive gotta Imagine something while I'm out. I blame addiction and to much time on my hands by not having a full time job.

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