Sunday, August 23, 2009

bowl kids dream.
This day above was one of those days where you think it potently could go horribly wrong or epically perfect, we have left at 900am and arrived at the location at about 100pm been caught in Sydney traffic which leads you to that thought you have already been skunked so you will either be sent of the edge or act like a kid at Christmas when you arrive at the spot which can obviously be really good or really hectic, I personally always love taking those risky days, its the fact there might be the chance you score your dream wave uncrowded even though it might be a tad smaller, anyways we rocked up with that neggo feeling, when arriving we pretty much got skunked, kooked it, blew it, rookies, F@&K me and edmonds both sit down neggin out not really talking to each other, I was kinda keen to just bail head somewhere else, me and edmonds where kinda frothing tho on the scenic side the place is so insane its in a national park and has a cool back drop and is in the middle of nowhere really, we end up picking up our boards as we are about to start the walk through the national park we look back see like a 2-3ft set go through me and edmonds are like whattttttttt!!!!! instant change in attitude, we make the rule on if another one doesn't come through tho in 10 mins where bailing, another one comes then another then another, we surf for a lil while take a look around a small pod of dolphins joined us while catching a few waves they hang around for a while we then take a few pics get some fun ones on the box, turns out to be not such a bad day after all fun waves, cool scenes and a few pics, the days I love!, I suppose Ive learnt that positive attitudes do attract positive times. yewwww.

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