Saturday, November 28, 2009

This shoot for brendo was quite funny, so we waited like 3 days for the sun to come out, it never did, brendo kinda had a deadline to meet, So we decided that a indoor shoot would be suitable, I had always found this car wash in the car park at work really bright, so the place was called BRIGHT CAR WASH, suited my criteria of a sun replacement, so we tried going with the idea that he would stand against the wall like every other person that takes photos in a car wash, it didn't really work that great a lil dull, so brendo came up with this wild idea that he would reverse his car real close to the wall and he would stand on the back of his 4WD while I had to lie down on the roof of his car to shot these photos, it was pretty tight between the drain pipes and the car roof but it seemed to have paid off maybe ahahah

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