Saturday, January 1, 2011


my dad at my age

dads dad

Mummy- hawaii

dad amped on girls undies
suit case for negs
Old tec with new tec- plus 4hrs scanning
Where do I start? So I had to find a Christmas present for my dad, so I decided to scan his slides on to a SD card, touch them up on photo shop and process them for print.
All up probably 6hrs work, as I'm processing I'm super amped on what Ive found which where some really quality pictures and of course history,
I think its all pretty crazy, thinking about me to develop 270 frames when these shot where taken would have probably taken weeks maybe months to get developed, processed and printed, now its a breeze, On a good day of photos I can take up to 600 shots in about 2 hrs of good waves and send them off in a matter of hrs and delete the skummy ones I don't like, technology is crazy I cant imagine what it will come too kinda freaks me out, what will they replace what we do have now?
Anyways I hope you enjoy some good ol family history photos, In 10 yrs this blog will be history bahahah.

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