Saturday, July 14, 2012

People, Boats, and Story

 The People where stoked always saying "Hello Mr". Sometimes before paddling to a break they would want a photo with the "white boy",  lots of people stare as they had never seen many white people before especially with a massive piece of foam and holding a long pair of rubber shoes, there was usually bits of junk in the water as the locals dont think it matters to much, rubbish can either be burnt or been thrown in the ocean, the goverment pays for 80% of the fuel costs which makes it dirt cheap to travel.
 There is not much medical help if you get badly hurt as you are 6 hours from a hospital. Travel insurance helps as you can get a direct flight to Singapore, the drive to this location  is kinda crazy too if you had to go to the hospital, with 2 metre holes  in bridges, some bridges repaired with wooden logs, the thin roads and no road rules really gets you thinking that you dont want to take any chances as your already are on the roads been injuried would be nuts.

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