Wednesday, July 1, 2009


above the break below


All these visuals where taken yesterday at ............ but all in the space of about 20 minutes driving, the place is so unique one particular place yesterday was mind boggling the turn off is at the caltex fuel centre where they produce all there gas, the wave we wanted to surf was about 5 minutes up the road from caltex then you go over approximately 20 speed bumbs in about a 300m distance which is pretty funny but annoying, then when you arrive you see 6 whales jumping around, the waves aren't to great so I thought id take a few sun rise pics, the gas station messed that up making it look like the place was outta space, with a moon like sun so I got a few creepy ones and then thought id look up to the sky, see stunt plans and jumbo jets frequently darting past look down at the ocean still see whales, realise that there not really kidding about the greenhouse affect, drive 15 minutes up the road and captured the first picture of this blog post that looks likes its in a national park, I'm clearly not in a national park which is sorta a major burner. ouch.

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cameron said...

those shots are fair sick dude.