Tuesday, July 14, 2009

swell lines.
the set up is narly. brendo on take off spot.

about to roll into dry rocks.
close to dry rocks

brendo duck diving
brendo sussing the sitch dry inside and outside
etch rock on.
climb a cliff.
This particular day was really squashed together I saw a lot of crazy things, massive waves, shocking drivers on the road and Brenden newton. So I ended up shooting 4 locations from a wide range of areas from the northern beaches to Cronulla. I took photos twice at this particular wave of Brendo who was claiming a couple to be like shippies in the morning, it was solid probably like 8-10ft maybe even 12 ft on one. No one around just me brendo and jp. Brendo saw one wave and said he was out there, asked me how to get down there and off he went, pretty nuts, this wave and situation was typical brendo.
  • Nuts 8-12ft Kegging tubes
  • Odd make able one
  • If you don't make it you get washed into dry rocks
  • Bodyboarding it by himself
  • Etch rock on and rock off
  • Have to climb a cliff to get back to the car.
  • Brendos froth was high he really enjoyed it I think, where for anyone else its like a nightmare.

All In all brendo is pretty much the daredevil of bodyboarding wether hes doing it for fun or for sponsors the guy is nuts which is epic! yewwwwww.

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